Things to do

marcenay musique 01.jpgGet your musical  instruments out and sing your sorrows away . Inside or outside music is being made by all sorts of musicians in all sorts of places and at different hours.  Mostly only lightly organised... Many musical instruments are here for your use, for you to play.

Campfire marshmalows.jpg

There is most summernights a campfire


piscine 01.jpgHave a vew dips in the swimmingpools and weather the yearly heatwave in the shade  undezr the many quit big trees wich are all over the camp.                                 

Visit the museum of Chatillon and see the amazing huge bronze (Greek) vase, wich was found found in nearby Vix.


Enjoy great food in the Auberge, in nearby Balot.


Hang around the pools with your feet in the water, while your kids play.


Fish.jpgGet a fishing permit for 30 euros a week and go catch big snook and many more kinds of fish in Marcenay Lake or flyfish nearby in the Seine.


Walk around the lake, search for the secret bird watch tower, hidden at the back of the lake of Marcenay.



Go birdfwatching or close your eyes and listen to all that jazz birds make.

camping sailboat portrait.jpg


Go play monkey at


Do some Castles .


Use our big indian canoe  if you dare, or our sailboat if you can... for free.


Bicycles.jpgRent a bike, its extremely quiet and pretty flat pedalling all around (bike tours) or go on foot through forests and fields.


Teach your kids snooker, baby foot, ping pong or lasso throwing.


Go ask the boss when is the next campfire...


Cycle to Laignes to buy marshmallows...


Enjoy the old citycentre on the slope in Chatillon sur Seine, there is a gorgeous spring, where the Doubs river comes above the ground...


Come help us cut branches or do other jobs here on the campsite...


In the Weekend: Visit a VIDE GRENIER (antic sale) where all villagers meet, in one of the villages around, enjoy a coffee, a glass of  wine or homebaked something; check the list in the reception.


Drive your children to Nigloland attraction park, for fun rides and more.


Visit Guedelon and experience old fashioned castle building.


Drive west to Tanley, enjoy lunch no the terrace in the Port of the Canal de Bourgogne. Go swimming at the beach in the river at nearby Sainte Vinnemer. Enjoy wildlife in the evening driving through forests and maison du terroir .jpg


Go shopping in Auxerre, Troyes or Dijon. Enjoy concerts in the bars there in the summertime.


Drive through Molesmes and les Ricey 's (famous for his pink champagne production). Follow the rivers Laignes and Seine north to Troyes, Troyes is the well preserved antique and lively capital of the Champagne. Unmatched.


Swim and slide inside in the swimming pools in Montbard.

 climbing in Saffres.jpg

Visit the caves in Arcy sur Cure, the musee de costume in Avalon, the lovely villages of Flavigny, Noyers sur Serein and so many others...


Go climbing in Saffres: 20 climbs at one small hour south of marcenay:  Map


Use the links page to see more of all this please...