CAMPING LES GREBES DU LAC DE MARCENAY          instagram musiquecamping_marcenay_lac We are open now,every month of the year... welcome without reservation. 


Rue du Pont Neuf,or on google  > Au Bas du Fourneau 21330 Marcenay, Tél.  003369802843 ( watsapp or call Dirk in english from 9.00 till 21.00 )



Inspired by the flow of visiting musiscians we now are officially make-music- camping,where musicians meet .Since 2015 this is a great success, especially in high season. Do view the videos on youtube using this link.

make music 5.jpg


Mosts nights there was lovely music making by spontaneously meeting musicians all in a unstructured way. Than we have instruments available for you, such as piano, guitar, bass and drum and more It is an open project and we love to see it grow and give good vibrations... Feel free to COME PLAY HERE


And you can still sleep peacefully .the music happens in the front of the site or inside...not loud and all the bush and trees and distance keeps sthe pitches real quiet...we have to alert our campers by bicycle and invite them to come and enjoy,if not they will not notice that there are sessions going on...

All this creates an unbelievably lovely harmony between all of us.

THANKYOU to all you great and giveted musicians for all the unforgettableness ....


Please just come and enjoy touring in burgundy, cycling, canoeing, walking, extreme quietness, birdsongs in spring, the lovely late season weather, good burgundy meals, the general good ambiance, your kids being happy... and so much more.... plus free WIFI and games and books in the big hall.

Chilled wine and beer we sell.


camping sailboat portrait.jpg

News : Fireplace is installed in the big hall. New Backpacker-style communal kitchen next to the big hall is ready for use. Our new big row boat has arrived and another row boat and a sailboat as well. All this is free to be used by you.




GPS 47.8711 4.4068
Lat 47 degrees, 52.3 minutes N Long 4 degrees, 24.4 minutes E

Département: côte d'or
Région: bo


The history of this lake starts in the middle ages ,when the monks from nearby Molesme did all they could to have a steady supply of fresh fish (such as carp ) to enjoy on fridays, when meat was off their menu..Small Dykes were built to retain more water in the Marcenay lake. Then, around 1700, iron production was undertaken by the same monks at the lake side. The beautiful furnace is still there today, next to the campsite (see pictures). Lakewater was used to turn big water wheels which powered big air blowers to heat up the charcoal fire.


Come and discover this unspoilt place where time seems to have stopped or at least where clocks seem to tick a bit slower...




Who runs it? , Nico 83 years young and alive and kicking, me Dirk campingboss, some great friends are often around ,many of impressive musicians in summer ...soulfull music is here most days especially in july and august


What are the most popular activities ? Bicycling, having a swim at the beach or in our new swimmingpool or go out with our big canadian canoe, there are long and short walks and endless (bycicle) rides to be made, using maps we lend out. Its pretty smooth cycling all around. In fact there is all to do around exept mountain sports.Loads of castles pretty towns etc to visit ...and no crowds.


How is the countrysite?

The area is partly flat with rivers and streams and partly hilly,there are fields with cattle and horses, vineyards and large, diversified, quite wild forests, full of deer and wild boars...

The surroundings are extremely low on traffic.

Than there are all the lovely old stone houses, bridges, furnaces and walls Burgundy is so famous for. New constructions are rare here.


In lively Chatillon sur Seine, 15 km away, there is a stunning gigantic celtic treasure vase on display.


We lend out a small row boat and one big canadian family size canoe and even a 4.5 m sailboat.

There is a ten meter long pool to swim on the campsite and a 10 meter undeep baby pool.and abig  third pool 85 cm deep,good to learn swimming and play


Whats for breakfast? Well our lovely baker lady bakes 7 days a week excellent baguettes & croissants,  available on the campsite  in the mo


Wich pitch is the best? You can just choose upon arrival the pitch wich you preferLots of shade or lots of sun on the hippy-field, .?


Internet? Wifi is working in the large  reception hall of the campsite, and its free.You can play pool or baby foot for free and enjoy the music sessions there or  read and shelter or cook .


What are the pitches like?

All 90 pitches have 100m2 surface or more and 10 amps electricity and yes we do sell or lend  adapters.There are trees and bushes all around.Than there is 90 more pitches on the big sunny field with less electric fascilities

So please do not worry, come unannounced anyday of the season and just bring FREE TIME to enjoy, if you have kids ,they might just love it ... And  parents feel at ease here with their kids playing around.


Total surface area is about 35000m2...surrounded by the lake, fields ,trees , vineyards and forest ..and one dead end road.Surface area is what many campsites forget to mention ...many campsites  have the double amount of pitches on a much smaller surface , compared to us.


Kids play ? We have installed 3 pools, and toddlerpool, bounce&climb installation ,trampoline, outdoors, fun for 3 till 11 years old kids ; There is a shallow puddle pool, ping pong, baby foot, basketball, small goals, horses next door, campfires on the big field, canadian canoe,rowboats .a nice sail boat, bicycles of all sizes and more...


Where are the shops? We sell some food, gas and drinks, One supermarket shop is in Laignes 4 km away. There is a cash machine there, a petrol station postoffice garages and a bar tabac. Laignes is a pretty town, easy to cycle to by a quiet road , a really big hypermarket you will find at 15 km in Chatillon sur Seine.


Any bars restaurants around? Yes, our neighbour is a  bar restaurant with popular food.  For a real treat drive to Auberge de la Baume, in the village of Balot. Yvette serves Exellent food, service and setting is Excellent too. Just 8 km away.


How quiet is it? In pre-season,  one hears the different birds "giving it all" in concert. A Treat. In the summer adult people are astounded how quiet the kids were how all slept until ten .... The pool area is rather secluded, good for your peace.Our music making is not at all noticable on most pitches,,


How about the camping facilities, showers, pitchsize, etcetera? We have two modern shower blocks with non stop gas heated hot water. There are about 16 hot showers, 15 toilets, 20 wash basins in cabins, wheel chair fascilities, 6 clothes wasing basins, 12 dish washing basins, washing and drying machines, childs toilets...all you need !

All pitches are  more than 100m2 of size each with 10 amp electric good for 2000 watts. There is a huge play- read- internet hall of 180 m2.